While building a reputation of delivering quality products, our customer base continues to grow. The majority of our new clients come to us via referral, showing that our client base is satisfied with our performance.

“Working with Whale Tail Graphics is a pleasure. They are there for the client. They keep the client involved as the product is created so that at the end you get what you want. They can handle a great variety of requests so it is a one-stop shop. The service is prompt, friendly and fairly priced. The whole experience of working with Whale Tail is very professional. I recommend them highly for any graphic design and production needs.”

Canadian Heartland Training Railway Services Inc.
Joe Bracken—President

“I always know when I’m working with Whale Tail Graphics that I will get the product I want, in a timely manner, and at a reasonable price. They make my life easier by being consistent in delivering quality products, and accommodating my requests. My experiences with them have been nothing but positive. I know that my emails, or phone calls will always be answered, and someone is always willing to help. There’s no hassle or headaches with Whale Tail Graphics; they are friendly, accommodating, and I would absolutely recommend them!”

Look Homes Master Builder Inc.
Anna C. MacDonald—Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator

“Lorrie has made a significant and important contribution to the Canadian Northern Society, a non-profit organization. Her excellent design and graphic arts skills, her keen eye and writing/editing experience in designing and issuing our quarterly newsletter and many other promotional items with ease. Her volunteer assistance has proved invaluable in our operation and she has willingly and cheerfully donated a significant amount of her spare time to our efforts.”

Canadian Northern Society
Shawn I. Smith—Treasurer

“WTG provides quality work on a consistent basis and places emphasis on satisfying the customer. We are always supplied with multiple design options for every project and Lorrie works with us to choose the best option. I would recommend WTG for anyone looking for a talented designer and a hassle-free experience.”

Enviroclean Building Maintenance Ltd.
Lisa McTaggart—Sales and Marketing Manager

“The Canadian Birkebeiner Society, a volunteer organization, produces a number of promotional pieces each year for our annual winter ski festival. Lorrie Tiegs has worked on our campaign for the past several years. She is able to work effectively with volunteers in our organization, accommodating changes, and particularly meeting tight deadlines.

“Lorrie is professional in how she deals with clients and creative in design. Products are delivered on time. The Birkebeiner is pleased with Lorrie’s creativity and professional work that we return to Whale Tail Graphics each year to have Lorrie manage our projects.”

Canadian Birkebeiner Society
Cathy Schreiner—Office Manager

“We as a company were very impressed from the first time that we met Lorrie with her professionalism and eagerness to complete projects. She has a wealth of knowledge in regards to creating and designing many different types of medium as well as printing options and suggestions. The projects that we have had her complete for us to date have been very well done and done on time. Also, I appreciate even after the project was completed, if we needed a slight change for future posters etc. she was able to complete those for us. All of our projects have gone very smoothly and we appreciate her attention to detail and completing any extra tasks in a timely manner. We really enjoy working with her and look forward to working with her in the future.”

Canada West Allstars (A division of Canwest Hockey Inc.)
Melanie Hawkes—Director of Operations

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